Best Topographic and Engineering Survey Equipment

The success of topographic and engineering surveys often depends on the equipment and tools that are used for measurements. With the right survey equipment, you can obtain a wider breadth of measurements and increase the accuracy. There is a wide range of surveying tools available on the market; some are essential while others offer extra support. Here are some recommended survey equipment for topographic and engineering surveys:

Total Station

The total station drastically improved surveying practices because it combined several different survey tools into one piece of equipment. In the past, a surveyor needed to invest in electronic distance meters, transit levels, and theodolites separately. Thanks to the total station, these essential surveying tools come in one device.

total station

We recommend the Carlson CRx Robotic Total Station. 

Total stations have electronic transit theodolites, which are used with a distance meter to examine the exact distance from the equipment to any specific spot. Total stations deliver the whole package of surveys, from measuring to mapping.

We recommend the Carlson CRx Robotic Total Station. This total station has a 5-inch touch screen and powerful storage and advanced positioning technology. With this equipment, you can process large files and backup data automatically. Any total station from the Carlson CRx series offers a simplified and efficient way of surveying with equipment that is quick to set up and easy to use.

Survey Tripods

Another survey equipment essential offered by Allenbuild is a survey tripod. Tripods are essential for supporting the total station, theodolite, or laser scanners. The type of tripod you use depends on your toolkit and the equipment you want to keep in place. There are different tripods available in our shop:

Heavy duty Fiberglass Tripod

survey tripod

You can use this HD fiberglass tripod to hold your laser, level, transit, theodolite, or total station.

Our bestseller, the Fiberglass Flat Head Tripod is very strong survey tripod that is suitable for construction. It comes with a shoulder strap that makes it easy to carry, along with adjustable legs with individually machined tips to make it suitable for various terrains. You can use this HD fiberglass tripod to hold your laser, level, transit, theodolite, or total station.

AB10F Aluminium Tripod

AB10F Aluminium Tripod is one of the favorite products of Allenbuild customers. The tripod is suitable for holding laser, level, theodolite, total station, or transit. AB10F has a 5/8-inch flat head and is often used for construction.

GNSS Receiver

GNSS technology has significantly improved the efficiency of mapping and surveying. When it comes to accurate land surveying, the GNSS receiver is a must-have equipment.

Carlson BRx7 GNSS Receiver

Allenbuild Instruments offers one of the best GNSS receivers on the market – The Carlson BRx7 receiver. In terms of performance, this equipment is simply unmatched. The BRx7 provides a high level of accuracy due to multi-frequency GPS and advanced RTK performance. Furthermore, it is easy to use and has comfortable packaging for easy transportation.

survey equipment

The BRx7 provides a high level of accuracy due to multi-frequency GPS and advanced RTK performance.

The Carlson BRx7 GNSS receiver is extremely user-friendly and can be used by surveyors with any kind of experience due to user-friendly software. For seasoned surveyors and professionals, though, this receiver offers advanced features and centimeter-level accuracy and a variety of channels.

Auto Level

An auto level is a leveling tool used for engineering surveys. This leveling survey equipment is used by people of various professions: engineers, contractors, land surveyors, and builders.

Auto levels are known for providing consistent level accuracy. Usually, they are more affordable than transit levels and perform their main task quickly and efficiently.

Allenbuild offers the AB32 auto level. This is one of the essential tools for engineering surveying. This specific model has an adjustable mirror, which makes reading easier during the leveling. Additionally, the autolevel features a magnetic damping compensator and robust housing.

With the right must-have survey equipment for topographic and engineering surveys, you can start your job with confidence. The accuracy and comfort provided by the essential equipment in the Allenbuild shop will make surveying an easier and more accurate process.