Simple and fast survey robots with POWER SEARCH make construction & land survey stakeout easy

The total station is an electronic instrument that measures and records topographic distances as well as angles. A robotic total station, commonly known as RTS, is the advanced version of a total station with important improvements including remote operation and automatic target aiming.

What is a Robotic Total Station (RTS)?

A total station is used for measuring the distance between the instrument and a specific topographic point. It can also measure vertical and horizontal angles. A robotic total station is motorized and can be operated remotely.

Benefits of Robotic Total Station: RTS VS Manual

Traditional total station technology requires more resources while not being able to deliver as much accuracy. A manual total station requires the user to catch sight of the target and aim at it manually. Furthermore, the horizontal and vertical screws are adjusted manually to align the crosshairs with the target. Overall, at least two people are required to take measurements- one to operate the total station and one to move the target.

In contrast, a robotic total station has automatic target aiming to automatically search for the target, aim at it, and follow movement when necessary. The telescope automatically turns and adjusts with a motor. Thus, only one person is required to take measurements by moving the target.

While a robotic station might cost more up front – over time you will reduce up to half of your surveying labor costs.

Additional benefits of a Robotic Total Station

  • The RTS is a time-saving instrument since it can be operated remotely with less labor
  • RTS provide more accurate quality checks and layouts and receive information with advanced accuracy
  • Multiple surveys can be completed at one set up location
  • Real-time data accessibility and increased productivity

A Robotic Total Station Will Save You on More than Labor

Did you know that due to section 179, survey equipment is now 100% tax deductible? 

Save on income tax by buying new survey equipment – due to section 179, introduced by Trump, survey equipment is 100% tax deductible. Allenbuild is running a special on Carlson CRX2 & 5 second-Geomax Zoom95 robots. Give us a call 919 701 7991 or email to claim a large discount on demo equipment.

Carlson CRx Robotic Total Stations minimize time spent; maximize accuracy and efficiency.

Allenbuild offers the Carlson CRx series RTS with total connectivity and high accuracy. This station has everything you might need for an efficient survey:

  • Easy-to-use functions
  • Advanced automation performance with innovative X-motion hybrid drives
  • Full connectivity with long-range Bluetooth
  • Extra-large internal memory with a USB stick or removable SD card
  • It can scan the whole working area and find the target within seconds
  • With an alignment aid – NavLight for better results
  • Dust-proof technology and full protection against water jets

Overall, Carlson CRx RTS is perfect for one-man robotic surveys. It gives users all the support and resources that can be provided by robotic total stations. These simple fast robots with POWER SEARCH make construction & land survey stakeout easy. Comes with ONBOARD Surv Ce, so it can be used as manual instrument as well as for Reflectorless ‘scanning’ with SurvCEs, ‘poor man’s scanner’ function.

These robots are compatible with all your Bluetooth data collectors like RT4 tablets, Surveyor 2, + & anything running SurvCE or SurvPC. We can also provide robot module if needed. Run all gear from same job, switch between robot and GPS easily, or use Hybrid, simpler than you think!

Allenbuild will assist with set up (5minutes to pair with SurvPC) and provide after sales service. Email or give us a call at 919 701 7991 for best pricing today.