The Advantages of Using a Green Leveling Laser

Leveling tools are an absolutely crucial tool for any project. We have all experienced the frustrating challenge of trying to balance a level, while simultaneously juggling a task – it is not practical. At Allenbuild Instruments, we have the solution for you: the convenient and affordable Allenbuild Lines Green Laser Level, designed with self-leveling capabilities perfect for indoor and outdoor use. 

What is a Green Leveling Laser Used For?

Leveling lasers are used to ensure precision and accuracy when working on projects that require a flat plane. Leveling lasers are perfect for concrete and road construction, formwork, internal shopfitting woodwork, as well as household projects like kitchen and electrical work. You can even level your RV by simply lowering  it to the ground and using a green level laser. Leveling lasers are also excellent for tiling, painting, electrical contracting, even home DIY experiments. It can also be used outside with a receiver, so it can be used for deck building, carport roofing, deck roofing, and concrete slabs.

Advantages of using a Green Laser Level:Allenbuild Lines Green Laser Level Auto Self Leveling Cross Indoor/ Outdoor

  1. Locking Ability: The self leveling laser includes the ability to lock and hold its positioning. Determine your perfect tilt and slope, and easily lock the laser in its place. 
  2. Receiver Inclusion: With the included receiver, you can trust it at a range up to 100m/300 ft, maintaining an accurate read at +-3mm/10mm and as close as +-1/8 in per 30 ft. 
  3. Convenient and User-Oriented: Internal magnets on the back side of the laser provide a convenient holding space for mounting brackets and magnetizing mounts. Plus, the green level laser is equipped with brackets that will also fit your existing survey tripod, adding flexibility to your set up. 
  4. Versatile Outdoor Use: Our highly visible green laser includes a pulse mode, excellent for outdoor use in areas of poor visibility. The green beam is designed to be highly visible in bright light areas. 

The Green Laser Level kit is a game-changing upgrade for your toolkit. With its unmatched quality and convenience, you will wonder how you ever went without it. For just $450, you can purchase the self leveling bright green line laser for indoor and outdoor leveling. The complete kit comes with a tripod and a receiver, guaranteed to be shipped promptly. 

With questions and inquiries you can email James at Don’t let leveling slow you down, elevate your projects with the handy Green Laser Level.