Use the Carlson BRx7 GNSS Receiver for Land Surveying

Land surveying is an important job for professionals to create maps, establish property lines, and measure land. Since the creation of the GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System), land surveying capabilities have developed drastically. New technologies make it more convenient to survey land and provide accurate measurements.

In this article, we share why the Carlson BRx7 GNSS Receiver is the best model for land surveying and tips for the most effective uses.

About GNSS Receiver (Global Navigation Satellite System) Technology

GNSS technology was created to make mapping and land surveying easier and more precise. GNSS receivers convert signals from satellites into relevant positions on earth. Today, this product is the center of satellite positioning.

Land surveying is one of the most widespread commercial adaptations of GNSS technology. It can provide accurate information about precise locations all over the world. Furthermore, the technology delivers high-quality results in any weather conditions, any time of the day. When you survey the land with GNSS, you do not have to worry about measurements being affected by what happens to surrounding constructions or land.VRS NEtwork receiver

The pros of using the Carlson BRx7 GNSS Receiver for Land Surveying

While GNSS technology has improved land surveying technology, not every device delivers the same results. Here are the advantages of using the Carlson BRx7 GNSS Receiver:

Real-Time Kinematic (RTK) Correction System

To achieve accuracy levels within centimeters, the BRx7 uses the Real-Time Kinematic (RTK) system. Due to SureFix® technology, BRx7 guarantees advanced information about the quality of RTK corrections. Therefore, this receiver offers enhanced RTK accuracy, which will improve the efficiency of land surveying projects drastically.

Furthermore, the Carlson BRx7 provides long-range RTK baselines up to 50 km and has a high-quality engine, which makes this receiver the best in its class in terms of RTK performance.

Reliable and Accurate

The Carlson BRx7 receiver achieves an elevated level of accuracy due to multi-frequency GPS, Galileo, and GLONASS. Multi-frequency capabilities, along with a neat augmentation system and the best RTK performance, make this receiver a reliable tool for land surveying.

The Software

Another important aspect of a good receiver for land surveying is the software it uses. The BRx7 uses Carlson Survey Software. It provides various easy-to-use features to process survey data. And thanks to company-wide design styles, you can work seamlessly between the field and office. Carlson Software is quite user-friendly so that you can get started with the product as soon as necessary.

Advanced Connectivity

The Carlson BRx7 receiver features various options for wireless connectivity, including Quad-Band GSM, dual-band UHF transceiver, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi.

Additionally, the BRx7 offers the best UHF radio signal for spread spectrum and range.

Dual Batteries for Continuous Land Surveying

A GNSS receiver should be convenient in addition to providing accurate information. That’s why the BRx7 features dual removable batteries. This specific feature improves the process of land surveying significantly.

When you are in the process of land surveying, the GPS technology only uses one battery. If one battery runs out, the used battery can easily be replaced by the second without turning off the receiver and stopping the survey. The Carlson BRx7 allows users to complete the work without unnecessary stops.

Extensive Memory

The Carlson BRx7 receiver comes with a memory of 8GB and more than 800 channels. As mentioned above, it also provides multi frequencies, extending the scope of its functionality.

User-Friendly Technology

There are a lot of reasons why the BRx7 is the most user-friendly receiver for land surveying:

  • Lightweight
  • Wireless Connectivity
  • The built-in web user interface
  • Centimeter-level accuracy with virtually instantaneous initialization times
  • Working time of 11+ hours
  • Calibration-free and immune to magnetic disturbances
  • 800 available channels

Investing in Land Surveying Equipment

A GNSS receiver is an essential part of an efficient land surveying project and an investment rather than an expense. The Carlson BRx7 GNSS receiver will save costs in the long-run; Because of its remarkable speed and accuracy, there is no need for obsolete land surveying methods, which take more time and human resources.

How to find the best GNSS receiver for Land Surveying?

The quality of a smart antenna is measured by its precision and accuracy. Performance is the key ingredient for evaluating a GNSS receiver. After all, its job is to help professionals determine exact positions, create maps and establish property lines. Especially for land surveying, it is crucial to maintain a high degree of positioning accuracy.

Tracking signals effectively is also one of the most important expectations from a GNSS receiver. Therefore, you need to look for a device with advanced tracking sensitivity.

Other key determinants of a high-quality receiver are connectivity, compatibility, and price. Based on this mix of traits, Allenbuild recommends that the best GNSS receiver on the market is the Carlson BRx7.